Why should I go with Xpert Vacation Hosting when I’ve gone with a property management company for years?
Based on market changes and accessibility to online tools, more and more homeowners are renting the homes on their own and saving large property management commissions. Xpert will provide all the ancillary services at a flat fee. Xpert will be your eyes and ears and your local point of contact for your guests.
I live in another state and rent a property on the Outer Banks, can you help me?
Absolutely. Most of Outer Banks Vacation home owners live outside the area. We can help you with various hosting services. Please check plans section of our website for level services we offer. We can also customize the package for your specific needs.
We rent our home through Airbnb and have quick turnovers, can I still use your service?
Yes. We serve as an Airbnb host on the Outer Banks and provide vacation hosting services from Nags Head to Corolla for daily Airbnb and VRBO turnovers.
What happens if a guests arrives later than check-in time?
We understand that life happens and plans change, that’s why we have a secure box at our office to keep the keys for your guest to collect after hours. We will provide the guest advance notice and communicate the details prior to their arrival.
Is there a contract?
Yes. Contracts protect all parties involved and provides peace of mind.
Where is the location of the check-in center and what are the hours?
Our office is conveniently located 3 miles north of Wright Memorial Bridge in Powells Point. We are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. 8452 Caratoke Highway, Suite 701
Powells Point, NC 27966
I have several Outer Banks VRBO that I rent during the summer, can I pick and choose what services I get and what home I want them applied to?
Yes. We are happy to work with you to provide whatever service you need for whatever size home ore and number of properties. Our packages can be customized to meet your need and the need of service per individual home.
I have several rental properties on the Outer Banks, do you have a discounted rate for owners with multiple properties?
While we try to accommodate the customers with multiple homes and custom packages, we must review the property locations and services requested before we can commit to a fixed discount.
What happens if I am not satisfied with my service?
No problem, while your satisfaction is important to us, you can certainly provide a notice and cancel the service whenever you please. Your happiness and peace of mind is more important to the team at Xpert Home Services. The relationship has to be mutually beneficial a win for both the customer and the team of hardworking professionals.
Can I customize my plan?
Yes! Each vacation hosting plan on the Outer Banks can be customized based on your need.
Do you take a commission?
Most of our plans are based on a flat fee. However, we are focused on serving you and making you happy, so we can work with you if you prefer a commission-based plan.
Is the set-up process easy?
Very easy. Our goal is make it very simple and painless for you.
Who handles guest inquiries and emails?
Most VRBO or Airbnb customers handle their own communications with their guests. However, we can also provide that service at an additional fee. Please call for more details.
A How does it work if a guest has an emergency?
If you need a local point-of-contact or your guest has an emergency, our team is on-call 24/7 and we will be glad to assist and coordinate to resolve the issue.