Wood Flooring Tips: Pros and Cons

August 19, 2016
Posted: Xpert Team
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Wood flooring can be a great addition to your home for a variety of reasons, but it must be properly taken care of to keep it looking good. There are several key ways to maintain wood flooring in a home. It is very important to take proper care of hardwood flooring so that it can stay looking new and clean. Benefits of hardwood floors include the affordability, the variety of options that are available, the ease of maintenance, the safety, and the environmental benefits. Read on to find out tips for home maintenance of wood flooring and consider choosing hardwood flooring for your house!

  • Avoid letting water touch the surface of the hardwood or get into the wood. Water can stain the wood if it is allowed to be absorbed. Take care of any spills immediately.
  • Make sure to vacuum the hardwood floor on a regular basis, such as on a weekly basis or more frequently when debris is tracked inside. Use a soft brush, to avoid making marks on the surface of the hardwood. By vacuuming regularly, you can protect the surface and maintain the polished look of the hardwood.
  • Avoid using cleaning materials like bleach, detergent, polishes, ammonia-based cleaners, and vinegar for cleaning the hardwood.
  • Leave mats at the doors of the house to prevent dirt or any other outside materials from entering the house and getting into the wood flooring over time.
  • Along with frequent vacuuming, make sure to also dust the wood flooring on a regular basis. Regular cleaning will keep the hardwood flooring protected on a long-term basis and help prevent damage to the hardwood.
  • Do not use a wet mop on wood flooring because, as mentioned above, water can negatively impact the hardwood. Use the recommended cleaning materials, such as the right floor cleaner, based on the type of hardwood.
  • Avoid letting shoes, such as high heel shoes, scratch the surface of the wood flooring. Shoes like high heels exert a lot of pressure and can lead to dents as well, so be careful with walking on wood flooring with these types of shoes.
  • Place rugs inside the house, preferably near the entrances, to help with maintaining the quality and the finish of the hardwood. It is also recommended to put area rugs in rooms that are used often, such as the living room or bathroom.
  • Avoid allowing the hardwood flooring to come into contact with sunlight directly. Some flooring can fade over time.
  • To prevent any scratches that could result from furniture, use protective padding on the bottom of furniture legs.
  • Check the humidity level in your house. It is┬ábeneficial to keep the humidity at a range of 30 to 50 percent, while the temperature in the house is 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. By keeping the house at the right temperature, maintaining the right humidity level, and not letting a major change happen for too long, you can avoid the buckling and movement of hardwood.

Wood flooring has many benefits if properly taken care of in a house. For any assistance with the maintenance or installation of wood flooring or for questions about home maintenance in general, contact Xpert Home Services. We are ready to help you with your Outer Banks home maintenance needs!