Simple Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Vacation Rental

July 20, 2016
Posted: Xpert Team
Categories: Blog


Owning a rental property can be a very profitable operation for homeowners. Not only are you able to cover your mortgage and expenses, but the property pays you to own it in many cases. To keep the extra income flowing will require some updates to the rental from time to time. But thankfully, you do not need to put a large investment into the updates. By simply thinking through the updates and choosing the best product options to reduce the cost and improve the home to bring more profit to you. Check out these great tips to improve your vacation rental home without a large budget!

Pull Out Those Carpets

If you have a vacation rental, sand is often a big issue. Homes that have carpeting installed collect and hide sand and other allergens making cleanup a pain. You may have considered pulling up the carpet in the past, but were not ready for the costs of a flooring replacement. Luckily, there are now many affordable flooring options that will give your home the updated feel without the steep price.  If you wish to gain the hardwood or tile feel, vinyl, laminate and ceramic tile are all cost-effective options for the home and fairly easy to install yourself!

Update Your Counters

If you wish to update your vacation rental for the long run, adding new countertops may be a great option. The kitchen is a meeting place for most families and sees a lot of visitors throughout the year. Adding countertops that can withstand the weeks of vacationers and deter stains and burns may be a cost effective plan.  If you can afford some upfront costs, adding granite countertops can provide the durability a rental home needs for the years to come.

Protect Your Decks

A dry-rotted deck can be a major liability for a rental property. Maintaining your deck can be the difference between repeat renters or an open week. Using quality deck stains on your deck can help protect the wood from the elements and extend the life of the existing structure.  Applying a stain/protection coat once every one to three years can really help maintain your deck and save you from a large remodel expenses in the future.

Add Double-Hung Windows

Are your electric bills astronomical? Your windows may be transferring air because of inadequate sealing. Inserting replacement windows can be a great option to reduce the bill. Your upfront cost may be more, but over the months and years you can recoup the amount spent. Installing double hung windows in a vacation property is helpful for the renter as well. Both panes can be opened to bring in the cool breezes when HVAC isn’t needed.

These are just a few ideas to bring value to your vacation rental property. Even though the rental season isn’t over yet, now is the time to plan updates to accomplish after the season.  Let Xpert Home Services assist in your home repair or remodeling project. If you are thinking of improving your space, inside or out, call Xpert Home Services at 252-226-9742 today for a free quote.