Catch The Wave: Proven Benefits of Installing Automated Thermostats

June 8, 2016
Posted: Xpert Team
Categories: Blog

home-automation-thermostatsHome automation is becoming more and more common within houses nowadays. Home automation and smart homes provide many key benefits. Smart and automated thermostats help to save on energy use and are easy to use. Check out some more of the proven benefits of automated thermostats for your Outer Banks vacation home or second home!

  1. Automated thermostats can be programmed based on your customized temperature settings. If you prefer a certain temperature as you sleep or when you wake up, the thermostat can be programmed to know what settings you need to be comfortable in your home. Your thermostat can follow set schedules based on the day of the week, which leads to more efficiency and comfort.
  1. If your house is not being occupied during certain times of the day, it is beneficial to save energy and program your thermostat based on these times.
  1. Using a programmable thermostat can help to decrease your energy bill by about $180 annually, according to
  1. Automated thermostats can ultimately benefit the environment because they lead to a decrease in energy usage. With less energy being used, greenhouse gas emissions can also be lessened.
  1. Many automated thermostats help you track energy usage in your house on a monthly basis with reports so that you can learn more about the energy usage and efficiency.
  1. Automated thermostats are especially advantageous to use when you have a vacation home or second home. When you’re not at the property, it is helpful to be able to program settings and track how the house is doing overall. You do not have to be worried about whether or not the temperature is appropriate for the house because you can easily check and control the thermostat.
  1. Digital thermostats avoid using mercury, which can cause contamination, health issues, and environmental issues if a regular thermostat breaks and the mercury has access to the external environment.
  1. Digital thermostats do not require as much maintenance as ordinary thermostats. If there is an issue, automated thermostats can typically inform homeowners so that the problem can be fixed.
  1. Automated thermostats are easier to use in general. They are easier to read, especially at night with a backlit display, and to understand. They are typically more accurate than regular thermostats as well.
  1. Smart phones and mobile devices can be used to control the automated thermostats, which is especially convenient when needing to check on the house while away. Xpert Home Services has partnered up with PointCentral to install these devices in Outer Banks houses, and a cellular solution is used for a more reliable experience.
  1. Programmable thermostats can increase convenience and can save time. One can forget to adjust the temperature during the day or for a vacation. A programmable thermostat’s schedules are ready to adjust the temperature as necessary.

Automated thermostats, and other smart home technology, provide a variety of benefits and advantages. For more information on smart home technology, contact Xpert Home Services.  We are ready to help you learn more about this technology and to install it in your Outer Banks home!