What Color is Your Umbrella…Kitchen?

February 16, 2016
Posted: Xpert Team
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If you’re looking to bring light and vibrancy into your home, updating the paint in a room is usually the quickest and most inexpensive way to go! When looking to spruce up a kitchen, not only painting the walls, ceiling and backsplash can transform the room, but painting your kitchen cabinets can really alter the look and feel of your kitchen. Frequently, a two tone paint selection is used to create interest and timeless style.  Check out some of these colors ideas that are great for kitchen cabinets to accomplish just that!

2016 Pantone Colors of Year 

Best-Colors-for-Your-Kitchen-CabinetsThis years’ Pantone color choice is unusual because it is a blending of two colors.  Pantone describes these colors as “Rose Quartz is a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure.” “Serenity is weightless and airy, like the expanse of the blue sky above us, bringing feelings of respite and relaxation even in turbulent times”.  Serenity could be a lovely color for kitchen cabinets and blend beautifully in a seaside cottage; while Rose Quartz could provide a feminine accent color to use on smaller pieces.

High and Low Blues

Serenity blue can also be used in a two blue scheme.  Ocean and sky, bold and soft, however you want to put it, opposing shades of blue are great color choices for kitchen cabinets. To transcend your kitchen into a relaxing yet rejuvenating room, opt for blue, in contrasting shades for cabinets and cabinet doors or as one solid hue for the entirety of your cabinets. The blue sky is the limit on your options here.

Barn Red and Sage Green

These two shades are conventional colors that are still going strong as popular hues to paint in the kitchen, either together as a complementary pair or one or the other alone. Choose soft, muted tones to keep more of a cottage feel to avoid your kitchen looking like a Christmas holiday! The warm tones on the cabinets will soften up the room for a more inviting kitchen space. Red is also a great color to jump start your appetite.

Gray and Orange

This severe contradiction in color terms creates an exciting highlight opportunity. Are you looking to accentuate your favorite new kitchen cabinets or island? If so, paint the backdrop of your kitchen a cool gray and then paint the architecture or structure you want to emphasize in a hot orange for the ultimate showcase!

Yellow and Cornflower Blue

If you’re looking to brighten up a dreary kitchen, nothing does the job quite like yellow! Paint your cabinets a muted shade of yellow or gold for a toned-down way to illuminate every corner of the room. If you’re looking to pair the yellow with another color, a soft gray or cornflower blue are nice, natural colors to set off from the yellow, and make them stand out and brighten up your kitchen even more, especially when painted on your cabinets!


If you are really daring and want to make a bold statement, paint your cabinets a high gloss black.  Dynamic and sophisticated, black can be as timeless as it is bold.  Best of all, you can pair just about any color with black to completely change the dynamic in the room.  Red and Gold can make for a Tuscan statement or green can be country fresh.  Experiment with different pairing to create your individual style.

Painting your kitchen cabinets brings an endless array of possibilities into your kitchen. Make a bold statement, lighten up a dark space, or create a more relaxing environment for a comforting meeting place for your family. Choose one of the exciting paint combinations above or visit our blog for more ideas.  If you want help painting or any other home improvement project contact, Xpert Home Services; your all in one home maintenance and home improvement team.

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