Home Automation Is the Key for the Next Generation Vacation Rental Manager

January 7, 2016
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Home automation for Vacation Rental Managers and home owners has more options and advantages than just keyless entry systems. By now, the advantages of keyless entry systems are obvious; with improved security, guest / vendor convenience and improved access reporting.

The keyless entry system from Point Central provides real time control unlike other systems currently available.  As the guest leaves, cleaner completes cleaning and the inspector finishes the inspection, the property manager is automatically updated to the status through the exit code used by each.  Next, the system can automatically send the guest an email telling them the home is ready for check in.  This will delight guests and save a lot of time and effort by the property management company staff on check in days for reporting status and tracking check-ins and fielding guest calls.

Imagine leveraging these advantages and applying them to the lighting, HVAC system, even pool heat and refrigeration and managing all the properties in the vacation rental program with one enterprise console. Now, imagine the nightmare of managing 100 separate home automation systems with vastly different platforms for the same program of homes.

Home owners are automating their homes to provide peace of mind and remote monitoring. Vacation Property Managers need to get to the forefront of the trend to provide guidance to the homeowners for improved efficiency at the enterprise level across the inventory of homes under management. Controlling one platform provides economies of scale and operational efficiencies for acquiring, managing and maintaining the systems. One platform also improves guest satisfaction with one set of instructions for all homes that is easy to use and follow.

Vacation home owners are baby boomers and technology adapters. They are adopting systems independently and sometimes without the Property Management Company’s knowledge. In three recent cases reported by VRMIntel, homeowners had installed hidden cameras in the home without the Property Management Company’s knowledge and used the system to spy on guests. State laws vary on the treatment of “video voyeurism” from a misdemeanor to a felony. Few guests would welcome the intrusion and the negative press as a result could be devastating to a property and the management company. That is why Vacation Rental Managers need to get ahead of the trend and provide positive alternatives to homeowners with clear policies regarding the use of the new technology.

Any home automation system is only as good as the foundation it is built upon. Unlike home automation available to consumers, built based on an unreliable Wi-Fi network, the Point Central system uses the cellular network for reliability and commercial applications. How often does the Wi-Fi go down in your vacation home or the homes you manage? If the cell phone loses connectivity, it is for a short time and self re-sets; thus, improving the reliability of the system when compared to a Wi-Fi based system.

Key benefits of the Point Central home automation platform to the Vacation Rental Manager and the Vacation Home Owner are:

  • Keyless Access
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Improved Guest Experience
  • Increased Security
  • Cloud-based, Enterprise Control
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile App
  • No Wi-Fi Needed

Imagine remotely managing the lighting, HVAC, refrigeration and pool heat to welcome guests while still conserving energy. The vacation property manager can monitor and control all properties under management from one enterprise console to quickly assess and deploy help where it is needed, possibly even before a guest calls to report a problem. Proactive service rather than reactive service improves the guest experience.

Another feature of Point Central product line is a sensor for the sliding door which automatically turns off the HVAC unit after the door has been left open for a stated time.  Thus, conserving energy for owners’ when guests are being wasteful.  A alert on the HVAC unit for compressor issues will allow a quick response and extend the useful life of the unit.  The HVAC can be set to only allow a limited temperature range to prevent guests from turning it way up or down and reduce the associated wear and tear on the unit.

Automating the HVAC system provides:

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Monitor & control temperature remotely
  • Set high & low temperature limits
  • Prevent A/C compressor issues
  • Temperature notifications & alerts
  • Set temperature alerts

The Home Automation system from Point Central is scalable.  Typically, Property Management companies implement the keyless entry and HVAC controls in the first phase.  The HVAC energy expense savings of 10% to 15% offsets the hardware expense of the system.  Monthly fees range about $20 per month.  Point Central is adding new products to the platform and the owner and Management Company can add these when they choose.

Let Xpert Home Services, an Authorized Dealer / Marketing Agent, show you how easy it is to get a Point Central enterprise home automation platform for your entire rental program.  There are several pricing alternatives to appeal to owners and management companies with immediate proven results and installation within a few days.