Are You Ready To Paint Your Home? 2017’s Paint Colors Have Arrived!

November 11, 2016
Posted: Xpert Team
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If you’re ready for a quick and affordable way to spruce up your home, it might be time to try out some new paint colors. Painting a room, an accent wall, or even your furniture can make your home feel brand new again. When trying to decide on a paint color, it can be hard to narrow down the options and select the right hue. If you are considering a room makeover, Behr has released the 2017 Paint colors of the year. According to Behr there are three different palettes that we should expect to see this spring, many of these colors are nature inspired and will add a positive-feel to your home’s interior. Each year Behr presents 20 new limited edition trend colors and they are segmented into three different collections: Comfortable, Composed, and Confident. Check out some this year’s popular colors to get your creative juices flowing!

Comfortable Palette

The Comfortable Palette consists of muted pastels. They are sophisticated and feminine, especially when they are paired with natural and light tones.

  • Close Knit: a warm ethereal gray
  • Balanced: a natural tinted mint
  • Gold Hearted: a soft dusted yellow
  • Everything’s Rosy: a cosmetic rose tone
  • Sepia Filter: a soft beige
  • Peek a Blue: a fresh and youthful blue
  • Life is a Peach: a pastel, pink-touched peach

Composed Palette

The Composed Palette are a perfect backdrop for layering and showcasing other colors in your home’s furniture. This collection features a variety of mysterious earth colors and rich jewel tones.

  • Polished Aqua: a light application of blue-green 
  • Shades On: a deep, mineral gray
  • Wanderlust: a robust teal
  • Artful Magenta: a dark red-cast berry
  • Laid Back Gray: a mid-tone gray with a hint of brown  
  • Silent Sands: taupe touched beige
  • In the Woods: an earthy green with gray undertones

Confident Palette

This palette exemplifies what it means to be a bold color. This palette is for a home that isn’t afraid to take risks. These colors are for rooms that you want to stand out, they are perfect for an accent wall.

  • Jade Dragon: an exotic blue-green 
  • That’s My Lime: a citrus-inspired yellow
  • Midnight Show: a dusky and mysterious blue
  • Hot and Spicy: a spice-driven red with a punch
  • Fired Up: a mid-century modern orange
  • Lemon Burst: a happy, sunshine yellow




Make a bold statement, lighten up a dark space, or create a more relaxing environment for a comforting meeting place for your family. Choose one of the exciting paint combinations above or visit our blog for more ideas.  If you want help painting or any other home improvement project contact, Xpert Home Services; your all in one home maintenance and home improvement team.