5 Things Homeowners Neglect Fixing

September 2, 2016
Posted: Xpert Team
Categories: Blog


As a homeowner, it is very important to focus on home maintenance in order to prevent future problems from occurring and to protect the house on a long-term basis. Each part of the house is unique and may require a different amount of attention or maintenance. It is crucial to keep up with the house to stay safe in the long run. Check out the list below for common issues homeowners should pay more attention to, especially to protect their property.

  • It may be easy to neglect the roof or the gutters of the house. If you are missing shingles or having gutter issues, this should be taken care of immediately. This will prevent future issues like water damage or blocking of gutters due to leaves, pests, or debris. It is helpful to make sure all of the shingles are in place on the roof, inspect, and clean gutters at least twice a year. For example, you should inspect the status of your shingles before a hurricane or storm.
  • Another common home maintenance issue is associated with doors and doorstops. Many homeowners do not use doorstops, and this can lead to damaging the walls of a house. To maintain the doors and doorknobs within a house, make sure doorstops are properly placed at each door. This will decrease the need for patching and paint repairs.
  • Water leaks and plumbing issues are a common complication in homes. Leaks can affect many components of the house, such as the air conditioning system, the rooms in which the leak occurs, and equipment that is located near the site of the leaks. Check areas such as shower tiles, the dishwasher, and faucets on a regular basis and for caulking to make sure leaks are not occurring. Leaks can be a common occurrence, but they can also be taken care of easily and prevented effectively.
  • Termites and other pests can lead to the need for repairs in the house as well. You do not want to allow these pests to become a reoccurring annoyance in your home. Regular inspection by pest control is needed to prevent the pests from being in or near the house. If they do arrive, the problem should be taken care of immediately to avoid expensive repairs and other damage, such as negatively affecting the structure of the house. Pest damage is preventable and you can avoid property damage by scheduling regular inspections and solving the problem in a timely manner.
  • Landscaping issues and routine yard work upkeep come with being a homeowner. It is essential to take care of trees, plants, and bushes near the house. Proper landscaping of plants and the lawn will help maintain the aesthetic quality of the house and its surroundings. While keeping the plants and lawn properly maintained, collections of debris can be avoided and the exterior of the house will be safer.

Home maintenance can be very beneficial for the safety and protection of a house and its occupants. For more information on home maintenance, contact Xpert Home Services. We are prepared to help you with your Outer Banks home maintenance needs today!